Keep it cool

Are you planning to light up the barbecue with this beautiful weather? Or do you often chill outside with friends for a cozy evening? A refreshing glass of wine can’t miss out! But what’s more annoying than going back inside and out again to refill your glass? Good news: that is not necessary at all! In this blog I would like to tell you more about our Wine Coolers. Curious? Read with me!

This blog is written by and translated by Vacu Vin. Read the original Dutch article here.


Until the last drop

Our Active Wine Coolers are designed in such a way that the ice-cold sleeve chills your wine until you’ve poured the last drop. All you have to do is put the wine cooler in the freezer for about 6 hours in advance. After these 6 hours, the cooling gel is ice-cold and the wine chiller is completely ready to use. For unchilled wine bottles, keep the wine cooler on the bottle for about 15 minutes. After that, your wine will be completely chilled and ready to fill your glass! Ideal if you have just bought a new bottle and want to cool it quickly. If you have already kept your wine in the refrigerator, these wine coolers are also handy to keep your wine cold until the last drop.

We have many different wine coolers, from steel designs to printed sleeves. There are also many different colors and styles. Would you rather have a fancy glass of champagne or a cold beer? No matter what you prefer, we have coolers for all types of drinks. This way you can always choose a cooler that suits you completely!

Social Production

Now you may be thinking, “Where do those coolers come from?” The Vacu Vin wine coolers are made in the Netherlands at the social workplace called ‘Voor Elkaar’. Which stands for ‘for each other’. This is a workplace for people with a distance to the regular labor market. You may think of people with a physical disability, developmental delay or people who are in a reintegration process. They often don’t get a fair chance at a regular job.

Our people at the social production facility receive a contract with the same benefits just like anyone else who works. The people who end up at ‘Voor Elkaar’ often have a passion for technology and therefore choose a job in production. Each employee has his or her own personal coach, with whom he or she has weekly meetings about the progress of their development. In addition, there is certainly a lot of room for fun with colleagues at the workplace!

In other words, the Vacu Vin Wine Coolers are made in a very social way! But these are certainly not the only projects we are working on! Would you like to know more about the projects of Voor Elkaar? Then have a look here.

Do you also think this is such a nice project? We sure do! Are your going to enjoy the summer one of those beautiful wine coolers?


How it works

Check out this video to find out how the Vacu Vin Active Coolers work! A chilled wine in just a few simple steps.

  1. Keep the foldable sleeve in the freezer (Min. 6 hours)
  2. Slide the cooler sleeve on your wine bottle
  3. The ice cold wine cooler will chill your wine within a few minutes and keeps it cool until the last drop.
  4. Enjoy your refreshing glass of wine!