Made with care

Vacu Vin products are made with care in our social production facility where we provide people a job in a sheltered environment.
”How winemakers treat their grapes with care, is equal to the responsibility we feel for our employees. In our social working facility, we offer opportunities to people with a distance to the labour market. Vacu Vin offers extra help to increase their self-esteem.”

Suprise your senses 

Social production partner

In the Netherlands at our HQ we closely work together with our in-house social production partner ”Voor Elkaar.”

Voor Elkaar offers people with a distance to the labor market a regular job in a sheltered working environment. The employees of Voor Elkaar get support and guidance where necessary to find their qualities and develop their self-confidence.

Having a job and a social life is not always within everyone’s reach. Therefor we’re happy to see that people at Voor Elkaar have a meaningful daily activity and are able to socialize with their colleagues.


”Voor Elkaar” has two large production halls where they carry out various activities for Vacu Vin such as complex production, product assembly, labeling and packaging.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to cooporate with Voor Elkaar as well!